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It was such a pleasure to have Palmer City Councilman Pete LeFrance, Palmer Mayor Edna DeVries, and School Board member Debbie Retherford, in attendance at Sunday's event featuring PHS and PJMS jazz musicians. Pictured also here is PHS and PJMS music directors, Barbara Carroll and Chris Loescher.

Thank you to the PHS jazz band and choir program, the PJMS jazz band, Palmer Cub Scout Pack 354, and everyone in the community who came to listen to great jazz and service in action!


02/19/2018 3:16am

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I was able to attend this event and it was really amazing. I’m a certified Jazz enthusiast and I was blown away by how much talent there was in that hall. My heart was singing with so much joy upon hearing such beautiful music. I was so happy that there were so many of us who were able to receive such a wondrous gift which is their music. I sure hope that there would be another event such as this in the future.


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